Playstation Vita Kicks Over 1.2 Million People’s Asses

February 29, 2012 in Games

When the Playstation Portable’s successor, the Playstation Vita, launched in Japan to a scarily low figure of around 500,000 units sold, many people were quick to label he PS Vita as a disappointment and how it’s destined to be another one of Sony’s technological busts. Well, a week after or so after its launch Western launch, it’s good to see that the Vita has sold over 1.2 million units and over 2 million software units (i.e., games). Is it a roaring success? No, not quite, but it is a triumph, nonetheless, and hopefully Sony can keep the momentum up.


Playstation Vita Is Getting A Launch Day Special

January 27, 2012 in Games

Bundles, bundles, bundles — gotta love ‘em. The hotly-anticipated Sony handheld — the extremely sexually attractive handheld, mind you — will be receiving a bundle for its launch day…well, actually, a week before launch day! What’s it include? Well, here’s the list!

  • Playstation Vita 3G/Wi-Fi Model
  • Limited edition case
  • 4GB Vita Memory Card
  • “Little Deviants” Vita Game
  • AT&T DataConnect Session Pass (Warrants one free 250 MB session)/ Free Playstation Network game upon 3G activation

This alluring bundle will set you back $299, which isn’t that bad at all considering everything included and how jam-packed with features/tech the PS Vita is worth price alone. Will you be getting it?


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