“The Hangover Part II” Movie Review

December 7, 2011 in Movies

The Hangover sequel has a mountainous task in trying to even compare to the way-over-quoted original movie. It’s not mountainous in the context of quality, but financially — the first Hangover was the highest grossing rated-R comedy of all time. Well, good thing I said “was” because the sequel has dethroned it but only in terms of box office haul, not so much quality.

The Hangover Part II is definitely not a horrible movie, but it didn’t stick with me the way the original did. I didn’t get annoyed by my friends constantly quoting the same lines yet still laughing as hard as they did when they first quoted a goddamn Alan line — it’s just not as memorable. Phil, Stu, and Alan (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis, respectively) AKA the Wolfpack return to another bachelor party, namely Stu’s, set in  Thailand. If you’ve seen the first movie, then you literally know how the rest of the basic plot goes. The crew brings along Stu’s soon-t0-be brother-in-law and, in the process of throating down excessive amounts of alcohol, lose him in Bangkok.

Expect many-a gross out moments

While the individual scenarios are different and more gnarly in terms of the gross-out factor, the overall set-up is identical to the first. A lot fo hate has been thrown towards this movie for replicating the first, but did you honestly expect something different? I understand these criticisms and I actually agree with them, but I didn’t expect The Hangover II to be a different beast than its predecessor. As mentioned before, each layer added here opts for testing out your gag reflex with some of the disgusting scenarios the Wolfpack endures. They’re undoubtedly funny but it’s not because of each joke’s wit, but because laughing (or gagging) is the only possible response.

The Hangover Part II is still well worth your money with the caveat that you keep your expectations in the appropriate place. Don’t go in thinking, “wow, I wonder what how they’re going to build upon the last movie!”, because you’ll be crushed as they just replicate the prior film, going as far as to having another credits sequence slideshow. The cast give a highly entertaining performance, churning out hilarious reactions to each situation. If you go in knowing you’re getting more of the same, you’ll be more than fine, just be wary of when you decide to sip your drink because if you drink at the wrong time, it will be spit out.


 Story: 65

Direction: 75

Cinematography: 86

Special Effects: N/A

 Score: 65

Actor Performances: 88