Chris Brown & Tyga’s “Deuces” Single Review

May 14, 2010 in Music, Singles RealViews

Lately, I’ve been listening to Chris Brown and Tyga drop some new stuff from their mixtape (Fan of a Fan, which drops this Monday – be on the lookout for that review next week) and I’m quiet satisfied with what I’ve heard. The track “Deuces” is my favorite of what they’ve released (or leaked).

It’s a breakup song and who better than Chris Brown to shine in this track. His vocals complement the beat superbly and the way he sings “You made me wanna say bye bye, say bye bye, say bye bye to her” makes you want to put it on repeat. If you don’t know already, I’m a die-hard Tyga fan. I believe he knows what he’s doing and he hasn’t disappointed yet. His part enriches the song even more. Lastly, another guy was featured in this song, Kevin McCall. I’ve never heard of him before but I think he is an essential part to this track. His flow is nice and I love how he plays with his words. This is going to be a hit, I can feel it already.

Report Card

Instruments: 88

Production: 93

Lyrics: 95

Vocals: 94



“Look, my shorty always on some bullshit like Chicago

So I flip that middle finger and the index finger follow”